August 31, 2011

About this blog...

I swear we're 25 year olds stuck inside a 17 year old's body. The way we dress is a tad more mature from most people our age, yet still fresh and youthful. We like to keep it classy, and this is what this blog is all about. This is our attempt to keep "classy" alive with the younger generation.

Sometimes its a challenge to find clothes that fit the criteria of "classic, tailored, and youthful." Today's clothes for the younger crowd gravitate towards trendy... and hardly classic. The men's and women's section offers more classic styles, but they're hardly flattering on a younger figure. Where's the happy medium? Follow us on our quest to find clothes that keep classic shapes and styles while maintaining fresh youthfulness.

To all those disenfranchised twenty-somethings, under-18-year-olds, or even the young at heart that are desperate for a classic style without looking like you raided your mom's closet, this blog is for you.

LONG LIVE CLASSY. Classic style for the younger generation.
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