January 2, 2012

NYE recap + First post of 2012!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had tons of fun celebrating! Here's some photos of my New Year's Eve, which I spent at home with family.

NYE fireworks 019
Nick and I.... It wasn't as cold as last year, but it was still cold. :)

NYE fireworks 008
NYE fireworks 013
Fireworks just recently became legal in AZ, so this is a new treat for us!

NYE fireworks 006
Our large bonfire that my little brother spent preparing all day.

photo (9)
My aunt and my mom said I looked like a J. Crew or Old Navy model, respectively. Here's my "J. Crew Pose", which I don't think looks anything worthy of J. Crew! Haha :)
Jacket: American Eagle Outfitters lightweight puffer jacket, sz S
Hat: Gifted from grandma

And lastly, I just ordered this J. Crew boys secret wash gingham shirt in purple (25% off + Free Ship with code SHOPNOW). I've been seeing so many bloggers wearing gingham and chambray these days! I love the preppiness of gingham. See it on Jean from ExtraPetite and Kelly from Alterations Needed. I didn't think to try boys sizing for such shirts, but the fit looks great on them! I'm hoping I get the same effect. Next up to order: Chambray!

Enjoy the rest of your week and I wish you all a wonderful, blessed 2012!


  1. I saw that post...I know I am nervous about getting one myself..can't wait to see your review! :-)

  2. Happy New Year!! You look absolutely adorable in the hat and white jacket!!

  3. Megan_LongLiveClassyJanuary 3, 2012 at 10:55 PM

    I'm so excited to see how it will fit! By the way it looks on Jean and Kelly, I have high hopes. :)

  4. Megan_LongLiveClassyJanuary 3, 2012 at 10:55 PM

    Thank you, and Happy New Year to you too! :) thanks for reading!

  5. nice photos, megan!


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