March 29, 2012

Upcoming Guest Post: Men's Casual Shoes

I decided to "spice" things up a bit on Long Live Classy with some posts on men's style! I feel that men's style is very overlooked... I hardly ever see a decently dressed young man these days (in my neck of the woods, there isn't much thought put into style). I also wanted to put my photography skills to the test, so I tried to do some shots reminiscent of a Lands' End Canvas catalog (I didn't even get close to it. haha!).

Also, has anyone ever been curious about men's casual shoes? I find it's very hard to get a guy to wear anything other than sneakers, but Nick (my lovely other half) has kindly obliged to buy a couple new pairs of shoes and share it in a guest post in the near future (he wants to be more "fashionable" :] ). So here's a sneak peek of one pair of shoes... as well as one of his favorite outfits!

Shirt: American Eagle Outfitters in University Blue
Pants: American Eagle Outfitters Chino, slim straight
Belt: AE (old)
Shoes: Merona for Target Chukka Boot
Watch: Fossil

I have lots of exciting posts in store within the next couple of weeks... look out for my first giveaway soon! Also, I will be the host of the next Petite Fashion Challenge, so please look out for that post next week as well. Have a great weekend, everyone! :)

March 27, 2012

Weekend Chic: Navy and Red

I apologize to those visiting my blog for PFC #14-- I had signed up weeks ago and it completely slipped my mind until the posts started popping up. So sorry, everyone!

This past weekend we had amazingly warm weather, which got me all excited for a new spring outfit to wear! I had a friend's birthday party to go to on Sunday night, so this is what I wore. I had been searching desperately for a plain, navy blue t-shirt dress and had found this one at H&M in the winter time for about $10. It's not exactly what I was looking for, but its very close!

Shirt dress and cardi 002
Fumbling once again with different lighting... this one is a bit too shadowy.

Shirt dress and cardi 010

Dress: H&M, sz M (runs small)
Cardigan: Merona for Target, sz XS
Belt: Target, sz XS
Shoes: Target (old)
Bag: Merona for Target (recent)

On an unrelated note: How would you all like a giveaway? I have some great things in mind for a couple giveaways, but I'm not sure who'd be in on it or not! Please let me know in the comments!

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone :)

March 25, 2012

Weekend Chic: Striped Sweater

I have a "thing" for anything striped... sweaters, shirts, dresses, etc. Though, I am very picky when it comes to the size and color of the stripes. I often gravitate towards classic nautical stripes (as if you didn't already know that, haha!) and wide, subdued ones. So as you can see here, I found my perfect match!

Stripes, some dark jeans, and moccasins are my favorite weekend outfit when the weather is just a little chilly. I love a preppy-casual style for the weekends!

AT sweater weekend chic 002
Experimenting with some new lighting for my photos... obviously this is much too warm.

AT sweater weekend chic 003

AT sweater weekend chic 012
Sweater: Ann Taylor, sz XS (old now)
Jeans: Gap Real Straight Jeans, sz 27a
Shoes: Minnetoka "Carly" Moccasin, sz 8

Happy Sunday, everyone! Stay tuned for my next post with my new striped dress! :)

March 22, 2012

Channeling Kate Middleton: Gap Ruffle Wrap Dress

Happy Spring, everyone! :) I'm happy because I finally get to break out the spring and summer wardrobe. Anyway, I received my Gap ruffle wrap dress much sooner than anticipated, which was a welcome surprise. Here's how I styled it today, which reminded me of Princess Kate Middleton's classic style: Knee length hem, conservative cut dress, and classic pumps. Please pardon my flat, frizzy hair; I just got a haircut before these pics were taken!

Gap Wrap Dress 002
Gap Wrap Dress 001
Gap Wrap Dress 003
Gap Ruffle Wrap Dress, Size XS

Belt: From another dress
Cami: Target
Shoes: Ann Taylor Perfect Patent Pumps, Navy Blue, sz 7.5
Bag: Merona for Target (recent)
Watch: Fossil "Stella" in rose gold

Here's how the dress fits without accessories:
Gap Wrap Dress 013
Gap Wrap Dress 016

I'd always been afraid of the fit of wrap dresses, because I'd always thought they were suited more for older women. However, after seeing this dress on Jean here, I decided to try it on for myself! this dress fits perfectly right out of the package and is super comfortable. I love jersey knit dresses with structure, because they're comfortable for work, but you still look super classy. When wearing this dress, its best if you wear a cami underneath, because it's a little low cut for work.

I'm debating a few ways to style this dress casually-- Any suggestions, fellow fashionistas? :)

March 20, 2012

Recent purchases & New Ideas

Hi everyone! For today's post I just wanted to give you guys a sneak peek or my latest purchases, as well as brainstorm some new blog post ideas. I'll begin with what I just ordered:

Gap Ruffle Wrap Dress in "Very Berry"

Alloy Natalia Knit Scoop-back Dress, striped navy

Many of you have probably already seen the Gap wrap dress on Jean here. I absolutely loved the way it fit on her, and the price was just right, so I had to try it out for myself! I've never worn wrap dresses before because I was afraid of the fit, but I need some variety in my work wardrobe! :)

And once again fueling my obsession for all things nautical, I ordered this knit dress from Alloy. I've been looking for a classic cut striped dress for a while now, so I'm hoping this will make the cut. I can see it with a red or yellow belt and brown wedges or sandals...

I'm impatiently waiting for these to arrive in the mail so I can show you guys the fit!

Moving on, I wanted to bring up some new blog post ideas I had, to add more variety and flair to Long Live Classy. I was thinking: regular posts of classy work/casual outfits under $100 (or even under $50) for those of us young people on a budget, "get the look for less" posts, and more posts on "how to wear" certain pieces multiple ways. Although I have been incredibly busy, I want to commit more time to Long Live Classy and bring you all more interesting content.

Let me know what you think! Blog post suggestions are welcome. :)
Enjoy the rest of the week everyone, and thank you so much for reading! I wouldn't be here without you!


March 14, 2012

Daily Outfit: Preppy Navy

If I had to choose one color to wear for the rest of my life, it'd be navy blue. I love how it's lighter than basic black, but still classic and subdued... and almost any color matches with it! Today's outfit was in celebration of spring time! It's the first time this year that I've gone without tights! :) You all know that I am IN LOVE with anything nautical, so I try to incorporate it in my office attire as well.

Preppy navy 001
Preppy navy 002
Shirt: J. Crew, sz XXS (old)
Sweater: Merona for Target, sz XS
Skirt: J. Crew, sz 2P (way too short to wear with heels!) (old)
Belt: J. Crew, sz S (similar)
Shoes: Lands' End Emma flats, sz 8

I can't wait until its fully shorts-and-sundress weather, so I can tan those legs! :)
I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!

March 9, 2012

The Essential Go-To, No-Fail Work Outfit

This may be old news for many of you, but for college students or recent grads just starting out in the work force, professional clothing can be daunting! I know how it feels not knowing exactly what to wear in a professional setting, as there are so many variations. You want to look professional, but not like you're trying too hard. So after many months of working in an office setting, I've found the perfect combo of simple and versatile pieces to make a great first impression at a new job or at an interview-- or just every day! So here we go: Classy and professional in three easy steps! :)

Start off with a basic sheath dress. Make sure it's not too tight or too loose. A trick you can use to figure out if a dress is ill-fitting: Try the dress on and look at your side in the mirror. If your body has a bit of an "S" shape to it, the dress is too fitted. (I made that mistake with this dress.. I had to loosen the seams!) And of course, you'll know if a dress is too loose. As for colors, I prefer basics to keep the pieces as versatile as possible. Black, gray, navy blue, white, or even a camel color are perfect and go with almost everything.
No Fail Work Outfit! 013

Next, put on a classic cardigan in a complimenting color. You can really go with almost any color, but for professional settings, I like to wear navy blue, dark purple, or black. My favorite is navy blue, because it's brighter than basic black but is still subdued.
No Fail Work Outfit! 012

Button up a button or two at the smallest part of your waist, and add a belt! Black or gold goes great with navy blue, but experiment with neutral colors depending on what colors you're wearing. Then, add your shoes and accessories! I know it's sometimes considered a "faux pa" to match lots of colors in your outfit, but for professional outfits, you want to remain as classic as possible. I added navy blue patent pumps, a pearl necklace, and my favorite rose gold watch. A pearl necklace and a watch are my go-to accessories for professional outfits. They don't distract!
No Fail Work Outfit! 009

For colder months, I add tights and either flats or pumps (Make sure your tights are the same color as your pumps!). I usually like to wear flats with tights, especially if it's super cold out. It just feels warmer and more comfy in miserable weather.
No Fail Work Outfit! 002

One more thing to consider: Hair and makeup. Keep makeup natural and classy, using neutral colors. Browns, purples (used sparingly), and golds are perfect for your eyes, and nudes and pinks are great for lips. As for hair, I like to either put it up in a classic high bun or wear it down, but only if it's freshly styled. I've seen lots of women dress professionally and have bed head hair... It ruins the classiness of the outfit!

And... that's it! :)

Dress: H&M, sz 4 (A little too snug, seams loosened)
Cardigan: Merona for Target, sz XS
Belt: J. Crew, sz S
Tights: Dillards
Pumps: Ann Taylor Perfect Patent Pumps, sz 7.5
Flats: Land's End 'Emma' Cap-Toe ballet flats, sz 8
Watch: Fossil 'Stella'
Pearls: Inherited from grandma

I hope you can find some benefit from this post. :)
Please share your go-to work outfits as well!

Have a great weekend, everyone!
P.S. Check out my guest post on AdamAlexMommy, where I show you how to wear the bright pants trend the classic way!
P.P.S. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter for daily pics and updates! @LongLiveClassy

March 5, 2012

Daily Outfit: Black & White!

It's been quite a while since I've posted a daily outfit! With my schedule being not as hectic anymore (knock on wood), I think I'll have more time to blog my daily outfits, which are now slowly changing with the season! Today I wore my H&M pure white blazer for the first time ever. I've had it sitting in my closet for a while now, not knowing what to wear it with. But since I've become more confident with my style, I find that a white blazer is so fresh for spring time! I can't wait to wear it with more outfits. :)

white blazer 002
white blazer 003
Blazer: H&M, sz 6 (old)
Dress: Mark. (old)
Necklace: Gift from Nick
Tights: Dillards

What outfits would you wear with a crisp white blazer?
Have a great week, everyone :)

March 2, 2012

Cheap, but Chic: H&M coat

I've only really been in the mood for Spring/Summer fashion, and that's all I've been shopping for lately. But while perusing through H&M with Nick and heading straight towards the warm-weather clothes, he stopped me and had me try on this coat. I took a glance at it and walked passed it, knowing I really didn't need a new coat with Spring around the corner. But, when Nick suggests something, it's usually pretty good-- and this was no exception!!

PFC and HM 003
PFC and HM 015
PFC and HM 012
H&M coat, US size 4, style #078501

It looks expensive, right? The satiny finish really caught me off guard, considering this coat is only $29.95!!
The pictures don't really show how "luxe" this coat looks. I'd usually never pick black for a coat, but the other option was a washed-out khaki. I've been wearing this coat almost everyday to work, and I'm surprised by how much I love it!

The fit is perfect-- the length, the sleeves, and the shoulders all fit very well. (For reference, I usually wear size 4 or 6 at H&M; See my measurements to the right of the page)

I just wanted to share this deal with you all before winter ends. :)
Have a great weekend, everyone!!
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