June 20, 2013

Helloooo Glam...

Blouse, Necklace, and Shoes: Hello Glam | Pants: Target | Sunglasses: Steve Madden via Marshalls

So sorry that I've been MIA for quite a while now! I really want to get back into blogging regularly, and I'm going to try my best to! This outfit was from earlier this week, which just happened to consist of pieces from my beloved Hello Glam boutique. This bow blouse has flown off the shelves and has now sold out, but more will be coming soon :)

In my last post, I was discussing a name change for my blog. I know exactly what I have in mind and am excited for a change, but at the same time, it scares me! I'm not sure how smooth the name-changing process will be, especially with all my social network accounts. Has anyone been through this process before? Also, I was looking into revamping my layout and have been looking for a relatively inexpensive blog designer-- does anyone have some suggestions?

I'll be heading to California a week from today, so expect PLENTY of new blog content, and keep up with me on Twitter and Instagram!

Happy Friday! :)


June 5, 2013


Blouse: J. Crew Factory (sold out) | Pants: Target | Shoes: Forever 21 | Necklace: Hello Glam (sold out)

I apologize in advance for the nautical-outfit-overload, because I don't think I'll ever stop! Summer is the perfect time of year to break out the navy blue, stripes, and anchors. I obviously have an obsession with anything nautical, so wearing it just makes me happy. :)

Now onto other business-- I have been thinking about changing my blog name from Long Live Classy to something that fits the way this blog has changed. When I first started this blog, my intention was to bring together gals my age who shared a similar style, and "bring back" classic styles into this newer generation. I used to blog more fashion/style advice and how-to's, but my new schedule leaves me with barely a moment to just sit down and blog. Therefore, Long Live Classy has become more of just a personal style journal, instead of what it was. Lastly, another note that I wanted to make: When I first started blogging, I had just discovered and entered the massive fashion world and was still trying to find my personal style, and found that I felt comfortable sticking with the classics. These days, while I do love my classic pieces and wear them often, I find myself feeling more confident to try trendier pieces and styles-- something I was never confident enough to do in the past. (Blame fashion blogging for helping with your confidence!) That means that Long Live Classy isn't just about "classic style for the younger generation" anymore, and I feel that as my style evolves, my blog should too.

I have a couple name ideas in mind, but I will do a final reveal when I get everything changed.
Thank you all SO MUCH for reading my blog, commenting, providing input, and especially for interacting with me on Twitter and Instagram. You guys are amazing! I hope you'll continue on with me as I "journal" my outfits.

Enjoy the last half of the week, and be sure to stop by Hello Glam to enjoy an extra 30% off the SALE section with code SUMMERSALE! ;)


June 3, 2013

Feeling Greek...

Dress: Hello Glam | Shoes: Target | Necklace: Hello Glam (sold out) | Sunglasses: Rx from Firmoo Optical | White Bracelet: c/o allGLAMMEDup07 on Etsy

These are re-discovered outfit photos from Mother's Day, where I wore a high-low dress for the first time, as well as the Target sandals seen 'round the blogging/Instagram world.
Anybody have these shoes as well?

I'm not sure how I feel about the high-low trend, but this dress is particularly breezy so I enjoyed it! I'm thinking I'm into maxi dresses more...

Enjoy your week :)

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