Much of my personal time and effort is put into Long Live Classy, and this blog has turned into a dear passion of mine. In an effort to "compensate" for that time, Long Live Classy uses affiliate links/programs and sponsorships to earn a commission.

-- This website is monetized through SkimLinks, Google AdSense, and affiliate programs with various brands/companies.

-- Many of my links in posts will be transferred through SkimLinks, which pays me a small commission for each click or purchase that comes through that link. At times, SkimLinks will add an affiliate link for me within my posts, based on certain key words. Those links are affiliated with "SkimWords."

-- Most ads on the site are affiliated with Google AdSense. A few ads are from affiliates and sponsors on my site.

-- When companies send me a product free of charge for review on my blog, I will note that in the post. All reviews are my honest opinion and I am not compensated for written reviews on my blog. I carefully consider inquiring companies to ensure that their product fits the niche of my blog.

In an effort to maintain honesty and transparency with Long Live Classy, this info will be updated as needed.

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